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Sean De Silva is no stranger to the Malaysian events industry: He has over 20 years of hands-on experience with the planning, financing, digital marketing, and e-commerce side of local and international events.

Having started his career in Corporate Events, Sean has lived up to the expectations of all his clients and delivered unsurpassed performances for many reputable companies in Malaysia, Myanmar, Dubai, Australia, and many other Southeast Asian countries.

His contribution to the event industry has been recognized by reputable universities in Malaysia. He is currently an Industry Advisor for degree students and lecturers in INTI College Malaysia and is a member of their Industry Advisory Board.

When servicing international clients, he believes that the creativity and execution of an event should be unique while still being influenced by local culture. This is where his extensive experiences are useful for performance and for generating the best result within the given timeframe and budget.

He is also a perfectionist and an avid believer in meeting every expectation the first time around, every time, as events are all about “the moment” – an important point in every event that dictates success. Capturing these moments consistently is what Sean strives for in his events.

What started out as a passion in music and DJing has now flourished into a successful business venture. Sean is the founder of KL Mobile DJs and is a Co-founder of Pastel Events & Marketing Sdn. Bhd.

Having Sean and his team’s hands at the wheel of your event will give you peace of mind and will allow you to enjoy that moment without stressing about the details.
Sean De Silva

Founder and CEO

Let's Make Your Event Memorable!

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